Cape Cod is Filled with Lighthouses

cape code lighthousesMost people are drawn to lighthouses.  Lighthouses symbolize safety and security to the seafaring traveler and have been around for thousands of years.  In fact, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was the Lighthouse at Alexandria.
With today’s technology including depth finders and GPS systems, lighthouses are no longer needed for navigation. Still, they remain today as reminders of that bygone era.

Destination: Cape Cod

What you will find here

A study of today’s Cape Cod Lighthouses, their history, location and how to visit them.
From Bourne to Provincetown, Cape Cod Lighthouses can be found at all the important navigation points to mark dangerous shipping areas.


“(A lighthouse) is such a potent image: practical, because lives depend on it, and at the same time, utterly romantic, this lonely building on the cusp of land and sea, sending out light into darkness.”- Jeanette Winterson