Nobska Point Lighthouse

Nobska Point Lighthouse

Nobska point is passed by a stream of ships crossing Vineyard Sound, Falmouth and borders the Elizabeth Islands to the north and south Vineyard Martha. In 1828, the US government bought four acres in Nobska point for $ 160 and the first lighthouse was built on the spot, a wooden structure that incorporates wax layers, at a price of $ 2,249.

The original lighthouse was in the typical Cape Cod style with an octagonal tower over the house by a stone Guardian who had on the first floor three rooms and two small stairs up. The room is equipped with ten flashlights with reflectors fourteen inches, a solid white light seventy-eight meters above the sea.

What you should know about Nobska Point Lighthouse

The status of each beacon and the quality of the work manager has been evaluated by the lighthouse service at regular intervals. On November 1, 1838, Lieutenant Edward W. Carpe, US Navy, praised Peter Daggett, the first guardian of light, for his “reputation and orderliness. According to a contemporary newspaper “” Daggett was removed from the position in the summer of 1849 “because he is a democrat.

A separate guardian house was also built in 1876. The Fresnel lens was upgraded to a fourth order in 1888 for greater purpose; This Fresnel is still in its place today and you can see when visiting the lighthouse.

In 1875, the fog bell sounded in the unit was set up, and at the same year the Council Lighthouse pointed out that although they have made preliminary repairs, the station was in ruins and had to be rebuilt.

In 1841 the first Fresnel lens was installed. Named after the French physicist Augustin Fresnel, these giant glass lenses are intelligently designed by a source to collect light to emit the center of gravity and a beam with a range of several nautical miles.

In 1845, Daggett used 209 liters of oil and 130 gallons of oil of both summer and winter

A fog signal building was designed to accommodate the nebula signal system, which was sounded when the visibility fell less than five miles

During the 1930s and 1940s they introduced technological advances. A radio tower was built in 1937 for the triangulation camp Cleveland Ledge and Butler Flats New Bedford built

Bright wood structure has been working for 38 years and was replaced in 1876 by the present lighthouse is 40 meters high, which was established in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

1905 added to a second carrier housing; Structure of wooden floor structure 1 ½ built at a price of $ 6000. In 1919, current reached Cape Cod and the light was electrified with 150-watt bulb, which made sure that oil was no longer used.

Why visit Nobska Lighthouse

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Direction to Nobska Lighthouse


Take Route 28 to Falmouth and then turn south along the side of the street.

At the end of the road, turn right onto Surf Beach Road.

Follow the road to the beach a mile and a half on Oyster Pond Road.

Turn left onto the road and follow the Nobska lighthouse.

Bourne Bridge

Go around the roundabout and exit towards MA-28 via the second roundabout in Falmouth. MA-28 narrows to become Locust Street, which goes only through Falmouth and Woods Hole Road. Go 5km to Woods Hole Road, then turn left onto Church Street, which becomes Nobska Road. The lighthouse is left after the beach.

Hyannis Directions

Take the Cape Route Route 6 MA Middle, North to Exit 1C (Sandwich / Route 6 N). Turn left onto Route 6 west of the roundabout onto Bourne Bridge. Follow the instructions below for Bourne Bridge.

Providence/New York

Follow 95 North. Take I-195 East Providence (Exit 20). Follow I-195 East to the Cape Cod / Islands Exit (Exit 22A). Take exit 25 off the road heading south and cross the Bourne Bridge to the roundabout.

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 Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Established in 1828, this lighthouse served to protect boating
in Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay.  Today, most people
view the lighthouse from a passing ferry boat as they
travel from Woods Hole to Martha’s Vineyard.

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Directions to Nobska Point Light:

  • Travel along Route 28 into Falmouth.
  • In Falmouth Center follow signs for the
    Woods Hole Ferry Terminal by
    turning right onto Woods Hole Road.
  • Turn left onto Church Street and follow it to the Lighthouse.

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