Nauset Light

    Nauset Light, Eastham, MA

    This red and white tower is an easily recognized logo
    on bags of Cape Cod Potato Chips.

    The only way up the tower is via this circular staircase.

    The double spinning lamps atop Nauset Light

    Directions to Nauset Light:

    Follow Nauset Road and turn left
    onto Cable Road.  Go to the end of Cable Road and turn left
    onto Ocean View Drive.  The lighthouse will then be visible.

    The history of Nauset Light and The Three Sisters
    makes interesting reading at:

    For more photos and information Nauset Light,  visit:

    The National Park Service (Cape Cod National Seashore) has
    interesting information about Nauset Light and Nauset Light Beach at:

    The Nauset Light Preservation Society has a website detailing
    the 1996 move of the Nauset Lighthouse to its present location:

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